Saturday, July 3, 2010

Scriptures in a Year Day 21

Luke 6:17-26
As Jesus was teaching and healing we come across Luke's account of what are called the beatitudes in Matthew. The bless and woes of those who are poor or rich, hungry and thirsty. This basic teaching flies in the face of what that, and ours for that matter, society holds as normal. The best explanation of this passage I have heard reminds us this is not about possessions as much as it is about remembering our need for God. Those who are poor, hungry or thirsty know they need God for everyday. Those who are rich, do not know hunger, or thirst can easily forget their need for God. Therefore those who are poor today will be rich in the Lord. Who are you?

When I travel I love getting to my destination, and I love even more getting home. A reality for my life is that either is a temporary stop. Whether on the road for ministry or pleasure,or home from the road, I will soon depart for another destination. Never do I get to the place where I have arrived and will not leave that place again. It seems the same with our faith journey. There is always more in front of us. We can always go deeper in the Lord and be taken to more places than we thought possible. Arrival in our journey is equivalent to death whether physical or metaphorical.

2 Kings 16-17
This section of scripture is the first telling of Israel being taken into captivity by the Assyrians. For centuries the people of Israel have been going their own way instead of following God. To the point where there is a split of the people of Israel and Judah. Both portions of the people of God struggle to remain true to the teachings of God through Moses. Finally the Lord has had enough and the Assyrians are used by God to take the people into exile. There was fair warning, yet the people would not change their ways. Soon Judah will follow suit.

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