Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Journey Through The Psalms: Psalm 3

I am starting to get the idea that David was either constantly under attack, or simply paranoid. It seems as though those who are against David are great and number, and he is feeling overwhelmed. No matter whether David is paranoid, or the threat is real, it is safe to say we have all had the feelings he is expressing. There are times when we feel like the world is conspiring against us, and at every turn there is someone who is out to get us. Interestingly enough the times in my life when I feel this are the times when I am growing in my relationship with Christ the most.

Maybe its chance, or perhaps it is dumb luck but I do not think so. When I am allowing God to be more active in my life, the challenges seem to get greater. I wonder if anyone else is going through that kind of experience right now? Every step forward seems to be met with great opposition, whether in our relationship with Jesus, in our earthly relationships. David offers great comfort and hope in this Psalm.

Verse 5 states, "I lay down and slept. I woke up in safety for the Lord was watching over me." There is not promise of things being easy, and there is not promise there will not be enemies and difficult times. The promise is the Lord is watching over us. We have safety and refuge from what might try to do us harm. We must remember the strength and victory are not ours but the Lord's. If we try in our own strength we will get defeated every time. When we run to the Lord for refuge, we find safety and victory.

So, keep running to the Lord. Trust in the protection offered by God. Live with your eyes focused on the King. Trouble will come, do not fear the victory is in the Lord.

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  1. Great Post Aaron! Timing is wonderful, been reading on similar subjects lately. Thanks!