Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1 Corinthians 2 -- Knowledge

As I look back I am still at the point where I have spend more than half my life in a school setting. I have read many books and endured many lectures. I do not even want to contemplate the number of trees I claimed writing papers. I have pursued much in the world of academics, and enjoy it very much. My brain is filled with much knowledge. The question is, however, is it the right knowledge?

I could most likely bore myself silly with some of the detail regarding the book of Corinthians based on the knowledge stored in my brain. I might do this to the exclusion of God. Knowledge and god are not always the same thing. While they are not exclusive of each other, knowledge does not mean we know God, and lack of knowledge does not mean we do not know God. It all rests in the right knowledge.

So what is the right knowledge? It is not the stuff we learn from human origin. It is the knowledge made known to us through Spirit of God. Much of what I leaned in all my schooling was about God and who God is. This is good and important. Not more important than letting God teach me, or better said the Spirit of God speak truth to me. There is a great amount of knowledge from seminary which was presented as the knowledge of God, which in I have come to see as the knowledge of humanity. The knowledge of humanity changes as our journey with God continues. The knowledge given by the Spirit of God is always true, and often requires our catching up.

We are called to be people of knowledge. Only it must be the knowledge of God, not humanity.

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