Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1 Corinthians 3 -- Grow Up

Paul continues to instruct the church in Corinth on the matter of division, but with a little different track. Never will it be said Paul is a man of great subtlety. The issue is taken on straight away, and exposed for what Paul believes is really happening. When there is division among God's people it is a sign of a shallow faith. That is not to say people who are maturing in their faith always agree and see things eye-to-eye.

No a shallow faith is one where disagreement leads to a breakdown of connection. The breakdown of connection leads to a division in the body of Christ. When we are grounded in our faith, and we know who we are according to our identity in Christ, the possibility for healthy disagreement is very high. Disagreement is never the problem. When disagreement becomes unhealthy and division results there is a problem. Paul is addressing the division end of it and places the roots of division in the lack of maturing faith and a poor foundation.

The foundation we are called to have is none other than Jesus Christ. This is so hard to pull off. We think it is our job to out in the foundation. Simply it is not. We must allow Jesus to be the foundation, and God to build the house. Our role be whatever it is God is building on the foundation of Jesus Christ. We do not get to decide what God is building, not our job. We are to be shaped, molded and adapted by God that we might mature into the person, place and object which is being created. All other attempts to build will be revealed over time.

The deeper we grow with God, the less likely division will result from disagreement.

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