Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Didn't See That Coming -- Acts 9

Saul, who later be known as Paul, could be considered the most influential person in the church since Jesus Christ. The story of Paul is well known, and even could be considered commonplace among many in the Western world. Because of our familiarity it is easy to lose sight of what really happened on the road to Damascus.

Saul, was one of the officials overseeing the death of Stephen. In a short amount of time he had built quite a reputation as one who would do anything to oppose the Way of Christ. To say he was an enemy of the church is an understatement. Armed with a letters of permission to take into custody those who follow Christ, Saul went to Damascus filled with hate. Then he met Jesus face to face.

The one who was most noted for stopping the church is now known as one of the greatest builder of the church. No wonder the believers were skeptical. Who would have thought Saul would ever be a follower of Jesus? The humanity of the church had written Saul off I am sure. I wonder how often we write people off as non-redeemable, only to find they are great servants of God? I am reminded God sees people different than I do. When I see a person who appears to be damaging the church, God sees a person who can be used to build the church.

I wonder what would happen if I began to see people more with the eyes of God, and less with my human eyes. Each person is a unique creation of God, and that person was created for a godly purpose. All of us are a poor reflection of the purpose we were created for, and must allow God to cut and polish the gem created in each of us. Some are simply in a more raw state than others. Who in your life right now are you having trouble seeing as a potential Paul?

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