Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shaking Nations -- Acts 12

Whenever the work of God begins to gain ground it seems there is no shortage of people who will work to slow that work down. Herod Agrippa began to plat the role of persecuting the growing church. One disciple was put to death and Peter was imprisoned. The night before Peter was going to be made an example of, and a tool of pleasing the religious leaders, the believers were together praying. The Lord delivers Peter from captivity, and shakes the very structures of the earthly leadership.

I wonder if we pray like that in our day? These were followers of Christ who prayed so earnestly that the structures of the government were overturned. After the escape of Peter, Herod leaves the city. Eventually, Herod dies because he accepts the worship of the people instead of pointing them to God. I also find it fascinating that Peter is not afraid of the angel of the Lord. The presence of the angel is so common, Peter thinks it is a dream, or a vision about what will happen. This shows how closely Peter walked with God. Not that he took it for granted, Peter simply thought the presence of God, and the servants of God to be normal. Do we?

Is it possible the two issues go together? Ernest prayer that shakes nations, and the our closeness with God producing a life where the supernatural work and presence of God is normal. I hear people crying out for revival. I here people longing for a great move of the Holy Spirit. I too long for these things. Is their delay the result of God waiting, or of our not walking with God in such a way that we are ready? I know we say we are ready, but are we. Are we so ready to tie our lives with God through Jesus Christ that we might be used to shake nations? This is one of the places where I think we are ready for the emotional rush, without the work to get us there.

Revival will in fact shake nations. However, for it to come to America, those who claim to follow Christ, will need to completely and total offer our lives to Christ. We can hold nothing back, we must be willing to place our very lives and livelihood on the line for the mission and call of God. That is what produces prayer that shakes nations. Are we ready?

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