Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scriptures in a Year Day 16

Luke 5:12-16
Jesus is at it again, healing someone. Here after the healing Jesus tells the person to comply with the teachings of Moses, and present themselves to the priest. It would appear Jesus was following along with the religious leaders of the day and making sure things were above board. In fact the command the man healed to tell no one except the priest. I guess the other option is that Jesus was picking a fight with the priest by healing outside of the temple, and not by a member of the priestly family.

Philippians 1:21-20
"Living is Christ, dying is gain" A quick read of this section and Paul could sound suicidal. The reality is what awaits the followers of Jesus on the other side of death is life far greater than anything we can imagine. Paul is keenly aware of the glory which is ahead, yet he knows the work he was called to is not completed. No matter what, Paul glorifies God. I wonder if we are ready to take on that same mind?

Psalms 119:121-128
Have you ever wanted to feel protected from trouble? That is the cry of the psalmist in this section. Watch over me Lord, I am doing everything I can to follow you, please be my protection. Following the Lord can bring about challenge from the world around us, yet we can find shelter in the Lord from all that would work to bring us down.

2 Kings 6-7
The Arameans are laying siege to Samaria and they have cut off food from entering the city, a biblical times embargo. Four lepers were outside the city, fore they were unclean, and knew death was drawing near. They decided it would be better to die trying to live rather than simply sitting at the gate wasting away. The Lord had already cared for confusing and driving our the Aramean army, so the lepers found no one around and food in abundance. I wonder what would happen if we all had the spirit of life displayed by the lepers? The reality is we are all going to confront death and lose. The question is not death, rather will we live before we get there?

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