Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Struggle For Something Greater

At some point in every persons life there is a struggle to reach greatness. For some the struggle is short lived and the idea of greatness is put on the shelf. For others it remains a constant and healthy goal. Still others are so preoccupied with greatness they are blinded by their quest.

Matthew 2:13-23
It seems in the journey toward greatness there is a time of exile. Times in life where the calling may seem hard to find due to the circumstances we find ourselves in. The child Jesus was taken from his birthplace off to Egypt for protection. It seems God uses Egypt as the place of preparation for the next great move of God on earth.During their self-imposed exile t o Egypt Herod's quest for greatness lead him to murder all the boys 2 and under in the land. a little for site this not only caused undue pain, it also created a possible problem for the nation in a few years when there were no new recruits for the military or other functions. The quest for greatness caused Herod to not only miss it in Jesus, but to be blinded in the quest and cause other challenges.

Acts 2:22-47
The quest for greatness is not only a personal pursuit. The new community of believers longed to live as God directed them. It was not their own greatness rather the greatness of God they were seeking. Greatness was found in how they lived together the life Jesus had taught them. A communities greatness is measured in how God is able to use them. In Acts God used the community to add to the number daily those who were being saved. The community, not perfect, functioned to God's greatness in such a way God could use them for great Kingdom work.

Psalm 4
From a demand to an affirmation. That is the journey of the Psalmist in this psalm. "Answer me when I call" words all of us have uttered at some point, perhaps even to God. The writer sees only greatness fading, the enemy keeps getting the upper hand and struggle comes the way of the writer. Yet by the conclusion of the short Psalm there is a recognition of the greatness of God. Our only hope at anything great is not about us, or our ability. Our greatness is found only in God and our obedience to God.

Genesis 9-11
God has pressed reset and all creation restarts with Noah and his family at the center. It is once again shown where there is family there is dysfunction. However, creation is once again being filled with humanity. Thus once again the striving for greatness shows up. People had a common language and common drive. The decision to build a tower to the heavens was made and begun. God could see where things were going and intervened. If allowed to continue humanity might believe it is in there own greatness they have life and breath. Ultimately leading to humanity thinking it did not need God in their lives. God confuses the languages and scatters the people not because he is worried about having to share power, rather because he sees that humanity will become self reliant.

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