Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Trouble With New

Whenever something new and different comes along, not everyone reacts the same. While some are excited and ready to move into a new reality, others are resistant and attempt to stop the new even to the point of ridicule.

Matthew 2:1-12
The story of the magi is one of those classics of the church year. Only Matthew records the events, yet they are a standard to most church cycles. Magi have classically been thought of as royalty when in actuality they were scientists. More specifically they were astrologers. They watched the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to understand the workings of life and creation. The downside of them being astrologers is they often ventured into areas the Lord has clearly fenced off, mainly the practices of predicting the future and things we might consider part of horoscopes or psychics today. Yet they read the stars and recognized the arrival of the Messiah. When Herod found out, the plan to end things before they really get started goes into full swing. Something new was happening and it was going to cause Herod problems so he worked to eliminate it.

Acts 2:1-21
The believers were gathered on a Jewish holy day, Pentecost, and in prayer when the Holy Spirit makes its grand entrance. Never before had the people of Jerusalem and the world experienced such and thing and they were left trying to understand it. Some chalked it up to too much wine. While others were simply amazed. God had been revealed in a new way and there was uncertainty about what to do next. Peter steps forward and tells the crowd how this is God at work. We shall see where it goes from there.

Psalm 3
All of us at some point have a time when we feel like it is the world against us. The list of those try to stop us is far greater than those who are helping. The psalmist was there and then remembered that God is bigger than all the others. When it comes to protection, no one dies it better than God. Not only is God the protector but God is the sustainer and deliverer. Basically, no matter what we face in life God ready and able to see us through, in whom do we trust?

Genesis 5-8
I am always fascinated by the story of Noah. There are some really fun little details in the story which I will not get into here but I encourage you to read through for those interesting details. Overall you have Noah who is claimed to be the only righteous man on the earth. No pressure there. God selects Noah to build an ark in the desert and load all the animals and his family on it because God is about to restart the who dog gone thing. Along the way Noah I am sure faces ridicule and people question his mental stability. I am sure there was not shortage of names he was called or insults flung his way. Still Noah was steadfast and built. The day came, the boat was loaded and the Lord hit reset. A new beginning.

Where are you trying to make something new? Where are you facing opposition? Are you turning to God or your own understanding?

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