Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mark 12 -- What Does God Require

There are too many different accounts in this chapter to go through them all, so I thought I would look for some common threads. I find that all the accounts in the chapter have at the center one theme, what does God require of us. God expects us to tend the vineyard until his return, God expects us to obey civil law while giving to God all that belongs to God. God expects us to love God above all else and have that love for God be displayed in our love for each other. We are to trust God completely, with everything we have.

I know I have spend many hours and walked with others who were spending hours wrestling with the question of what God wants them to do. More than not for me it was a specific detail I was looking to solve. I would not get my answers because I was not caring for the ongoing relationship with God. God wants or requires that we give our whole life, and trust the outcome of God's leading. Jesus warns the religious leaders of confusing the issue. Trying to make unimportant things the focus. The reality is we all do that. Jesus calls us to focus on God with all that we are and have.

Quite simply, in whatever we do, God requires us to be faithful. God requires us to love Him more than anything or anyone else. However, this love is shown best in how we love those whom God brings across our path.

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