Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mark 6 -- A Three Hour Tour

In this midst of all the great accounts we find in Mark 6 I am always drawn to the sending of the 12 on their ministry tour. We cannot be sure of the exact time line to measure the distance from when they started following to when they were sent by Jesus, but we do know it was inside if three years. I can only imagine the 12 receiving their instruction and thinking, there is not way I can do this. Surely they felt inadequate for what Jesus had sent them to do. Yet they are sent.

With instructions in hand off they go. Jesus didn't want them to simply be following him around watching what was going on. He didn't want them to merely be spectators to the work of God. The 12 were meant to get in the game and get their hands and feet dirty. When we get to some of the other Gospel accounts of the ministry tour we will find more detail about what happened, but I am not sure the detail is what matters most.

What matters most is that Jesus sent the disciples. Their belief and faith was not to be just a witness watching, but a witness engaged in the work of the teacher. They were to leave the relative comfort and safety of their training and head into the field. They went from town to town doing the work their teacher had taught them to do.

Are you just sitting and soaking at the feet of Jesus? We all need to do that from time to time. There are times when we need to simple grab hold of Jesus and experience the comfort and peace which come from that. However, we cannot live there. Jesus will comfort us, Jesus does grant us peace. Jesus also sends us. Are you ready to go where he calls?

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