Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mark 15 -- The Passion

Mark 15 holds what could be seen as the hallmark section of the Scriptures. We find the final earthly days of Jesus. Every time I read this section of Scripture I am amazed by the fact that Jesus never speaks defensively. In fact Jesus says very little. There is not doubt in my mind I would be speaking and speaking a lot. I would crying out for anyone to listen to my plea. Not Jesus. The standard religious answer is because he knew this was part of the plan of redemption and needed to go through with it. My wrestling won't let me go there.

Sure it helps when Jesus is fully human and fully God, but it seems like there should be more a defense mounted by Jesus. I have wondered if there was more of a defense, but no one was there to have a memory. I have wondered if the writers of the Gospel accounts wanted Jesus to be silent for dramatic effect. Close to the truth, I think, can be found in other Gospel accounts when Jesus reminds Pilot, and us, that no one can take his life from him, Jesus gives it up. There is a defense to be found, just not the one I am looking for. The defense of Jesus is found in the fact that He is offering himself as a sacrifice for all humanity. Not that we may receive salvation, while that is essential for a full relationship with God, rather that we might have the freedom to live the life Jesus showed us in his life.

The defense was already in place, it was the way he lived his earthly life. Now it was time for freedom to come, and for the course of history to be forever changed. Jesus breathed his last, and gave up his life for you and I.

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