Thursday, March 26, 2009

John 9 -- Blindness

The account of the blind man receiving sight here in John 9 is one of my favorite portions of scripture. It is not merely the act of healing, rather what happens afterward that most intrigues me.

The religious people of the day confront this now able to see man regarding his new found ability. It is clear to all that Jesus is the one who did the healing and it is clear that it was done on the Sabbath. The religious leaders are working on building their case against Jesus, so they are trying to get this man to speak against Jesus. Then comes one of my favorite replies, "I don't know if he is a sinner or not, all I know is I can see.". To me that says, I don't care about your religious issues, all I know is my life has been forever changed because I met this man Jesus.

After dragging the man's parents into the mess, they question the once blind man again. After being asked to recount the healing again, the now able to see man gives another great answer. "Why do you want to hear it again? I have told you already. Do you want to hear it so you can become his disciple?" To say this outraged the religious leaders is an under statement. The end result is this man is kicked out of the religious establishment.

Jesus finds this man who is now banned from the institution, but able to see. The man is able to see more than the physical world, he is able to see what God is doing right in front of him. The religious leaders who claim to see God and know about God, could not see the work of God in their midst. The blind man can see, and the seeing men are blind. How is your vision?

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