Sunday, March 15, 2009

Philippians 4 -- Contentment

In the economic times our world is facing Paul's words here in Philippians 4 are particularly timely. There are people who were living in a land of plenty who all of sudden find themselves to be in a land of scarcity. Those who were in the land of scarcity already, and stretched even further, or a plain going without even more. It could be hard to be content with the situations we find ourselves in.

Where does our contentment come from? Paul says he has learned how to be content in all situations, how does he do that? Paul's contentment is not found in the stuff he owns, the balance in his bank account, or the development of his retirement. There was no stock portfolio for Paul to worry about, he did not have a 401k, or an IRA. Paul did not even have a regular paycheck. Yet he was content. Why? He remembered the source.

It is easy to think our contentment comes from our financial and life security. The fact is, all of that can be taken away in a matter of moments. The source of contentment is found only in Jesus Christ, and the relationship Jesus opens to us with God. Paul could be content because he knew Jesus was in charge, and all the needs would find a way to get met. I look at the affluence of stuff in my house and wonder, am I really trusting Jesus for my contentment, or am I trying to do that through stuff?

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