Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Big Day -- Acts 2

Life had settled back to normal what ever that is for the people of Jerusalem. The passover celebration was now 50 days behind them, and the whole debacle of this man named Jesus was out of the minds of most. While the believers gathered in the upper room to pray, and hope to remain safe, the rest of the people when about business as usual. It was the festival of Pentecost, or the harvest. This was one of the three major festivals of the Jewish year and people were gathered in Jerusalem from all over the world. Things were going along just fine until the rushing of a violent wind.

The situation shook everyone out of their mindless pattern, and drew them into focus upon the place where the followers of Jesus were at. As the crowd found their way to the upper room they arrived to find people speaking their language. Some knew God was up to something as the people speaking were known as educated people according to the standards of the day. Others were quick to assume they were drunk, not leaving room for God to be at work. Chaos had settled into the business as usual workings of the city.

In the midst of that chaos Peter steps forward to address the crowd. Many have called this the first sermon of the church. There is explanation or teaching, there is confrontation, and there is a convicting question. Once the crowd seeks what they are to do, Peter delivers the plan of God, turn from your sins and turn to God. Repent, and be baptized. Three thousand were added to the church that day. Can you imagine going from a church of 120 to a church of 3120 in a day?

This is what happened and the believers began to live together in such a way that God was able to use them to continue to reveal the Kingdom. Daily God uses the believers to add to the number of people who were being saved.

I cannot help wonder if it isn't time once again for the church to experience such an out pouring. Is it possible we, the church, have settled back into the pattern of business as usual. We are going about the work of the church and life, without much real connection to the work of God? When there has been an outpouring of the Holy Spirit have we seen it as God at work, or humans who are abusing the flesh? The day of Pentecost is coming. May we hear the voice of God, turn from our sins and turn to God. Revive us of Lord.

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  1. Oh that God would shake us out of our patterns of everyday life. That we would surrender all to follow him. That we might free ourselves to the chaos that God puts into our lives so we can experience the outpouring of his Holy Spirit.