Sunday, January 24, 2010

Let god Decide -- Acts 5

I continue to be amazed at the number of people who are experts in what God is up to these days. There is no shortage of people who will proclaim something to be of God and not. This seems to be a significant part of our human condition. If there is something we disagree with, or cannot explain, we like to think it is not God at work. If it is God at work, then many decide God is not worthy of being followed. Perhaps the issues is not God, rather it is our human need to jump to a conclusion.

The high priest and the council are facing such a situation. More and more people are beginning to follow the Way, or the teachings of Jesus. The crowds are getting bigger and the disciples are gaining more and more favor with the people of the city. Jealousy is such an evil thing. Just when the council is about to find a way to kill the apostles a voice of reason comes. Gamaliel, not a name used very often any more, says if this is of human origin it will pass by itself, if it is of God, we might find ourselves fighting God.

How many times do I end up fighting with God? There is the scary question. My tendency is to decide what is godly and what is not. God may be making clear the way of salvation in a new way, and I could be standing in the way. There are others who are much more knowledgeable about the scriptures than I am, however, as I read the scriptures I find fighting against God to not be a good plan. From time to time God asks us to fight for God, never against.

Here we are thousands of years after Gamaliel offers sound wisdom to the council. The ministry of Jesus continues on. Through think and thin, explosion and contraction, the work, and resurrection of Jesus continues on. When God is making clear the Way of Jesus through a new means, who are we to stand in the way. Leave room for God to work, and allow god to be the one who decides what is of human origin, and what is not. The things of humanity will all pass away, the things of God will endure forever. Be willing to let God reveal Jesus in new ways.

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