Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Pull of Folly -- Proverbs 9

Most people would agree it is better to be considered wise instead of foolish. In fact most of us seek after wisdom more than foolishness; yet the pull of foolishness, or folly, is strong. The writer of Proverbs uses the image of an immoral woman calling after men from her doorway. While it is important for men to watch out for such a thing, could it be possible there is more to the story than just the attraction of a woman?

I am sure you know there is more to the story than that but indulge me for a few moments. Wisdom will prolong and deepen the quality of your life, few people would debate that. At the same time the things which we know to be poor choices, or foolish choices seem to capture us. Folly has a way of beckoning us. Once drawn in we might know we are in a foolish situation, however, we thing we will be different than all those who have gone before us. For some reason we think we are more wise, or just different that those who have falling into the same trap. In Proverbs 9 the writer warns those who have entered the house previously are in the grave.

Often we see folly as being more fun than wisdom. For some reason we think if we choose wisdom life will be boring and uneventful. Both of those assumptions are dangerous. First it assumes happiness is the primary goal in life. Second it assumes there is no enjoyment or pleasure in wisdom. There is nothing wrong with happiness; still there is nothing in our scriptures which promises us happiness. Joy and contentment yes, happiness no. As far as the enjoyment and pleasure, those who have chosen wisdom have found greater enjoyment and pleasure in life, even if it has been delayed for a season.

Folly offers us happiness and enjoyment now. Wisdom often requires us to wait. This makes the pull of folly real strong. In the end folly leads to death, whereas wisdom brings life to you and those around you. The way of Jesus is the way of wisdom. Folly is found in going our own way. We must resist the pull of folly and seek wisdom.

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