Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trust -- Proverbs 3

Trust in the Lord, words that are easy to write and are heard often by those traveling in church circles. These are very common words and are based in sound Biblical reasoning, and they are so very hard to live out. One of the greatest human dilemmas is whether we are going to trust God to provide and care for us, or if we are going to help God out with our plan. This dilemma is borne out in the a quote many think is Scriptural but is not, "God helps those who help themselves." We as humanity must do our part, however, God does not need our help to provide and care for us.

This trust we long for needs to show up in all of our ways as the writer states it. There are some things we are very good a trusting God with. Most of the time it the things which are outside our ability to impact that we trust God. When the diagnosis is cancer, or the natural disaster is beyond our scope of ability to help, we can trust God to be God in those moments. How about when the check book in more in the red than in the black? Are we willing to trust God with our finances? This would mean allowing God to determine where our money is spent. In my life this has often meant a need to radically rearrange my priorities and spending habits. My part of the equation is to follow the wisdom and lead of God more than my own want and desire. it means giving the first and best back to God in all things. Some would call this a tithe, and refer to the idea of 10%. The reality is a tithe is not the limiting goal, it is the radical minimum standard of those who would be Christ Followers. To do this requires trusting more than anything or anyone else.

Lack of trust will result in foolish living. It might not always seem like life is foolish, in fact, life might seem to be going pretty well. God has made humanity with a great amount of ability and has handed out through the Spirit gifts for the work of God. However, if all these abilities and gifts are used only for ourselves, or in our own wisdom, they will fall short. Trusting in the wisdom and knowledge of God will result in ongoing wise living and fulfillment. Trusting in ourselves may have temporary stability but will eventually result in our downfall, it will pass away.

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