Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Bugs God -- Proverbs 6

With a title like "What Bugs God" the field is wide open. This list and entry could get very long is I am not careful. Then the writer of Proverbs is kind enough to present a top six, I mean seven, list. I am pretty sure this is not an exhaustive list, yet it is a pretty good list. Resisting the temptation to take the list on one for one, I will look at the list as a whole. Additionally the list must be looked at in the context of the words around it. When this is done meaning well beyond the words is found.

At the core of all seven items is the treatment of other people. Carrying an appropriate understanding of how we relate to others is of utmost importance to God. All seven of the actions listed caution against looking down upon another person, or doing them harm. Pressing even further we can see the real root is making ourselves out to be better than other people. Perhaps not better than others, rather, diminishing others value while appearing to maintain ours.

As we remember the focus of Proverbs is wisdom and how to engage in wise living a conclusion to be drawn from the list given; Doing things like these bugs God. Diminishing the value of another person in our eyes really bugs God. Wisdom tells us living in such a way that bugs God is not a real good plan. Interestingly the passage just after the list reminds us the value and importance of not bugging our parents. As a parent, or as a child we have all had those moments where children live in such a way as to upset a parent. The usual result is a life more difficult than originally planned. Coincidence this is after the list of things God detests? Possibly if you believe in that kind of thing. Another view might be the two are related.

What things are we doing on a daily basis that bug God? In my life the limit is not with in the list of seven presented in Proverbs 6. My life long goal is to live a life in which I do not bug God. To do this I need to be on a relentless pursuit of God, and the heart of God.

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