Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why It Matters -- Proverbs 4

What is the big deal? The path of wisdom seems well, boring. Why does it matter if we follow a path of wisdom, or if we follow our own desires? That is the basic question being answered by the writer in Proverbs 4. The answer is not real long and drawn out. Wisdom leads to life, everything else leads to destruction and death. There are a few more words used than that; yet that is the message we can find in Proverbs 4.

Tucked into the last few expressions of the chapter are words which further illustrate what is on the line here. "Above all else, guard your heart, for it affects everything you do." v. 23. When we follow the path of our own desire there is more at stake than we often realize. Our heart is the center of our being. In our current age it might be thought that our minds are the center of our being, however scripture would tell us it is our hearts. When we do not follow wisdom, our hearts become corrupt. This leads us down paths we do not want to go.

Following wisdom matters. First it will keep us in a better relationship with God. Second, we will experience a more fulfilled life than if we chased after every desire that came our way. Wisdom matters.

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