Saturday, November 21, 2009

1 Peter 2 -- Cornerstone

The stone that the builders rejected has now become the chief cornerstone. In many forms and variations this quote has echoed through time. In the world of the church we know the chief cornerstone, or capstone, is Jesus Christ. A building is not complete without the capstone, and the capstone was the primary identifier of the building. It is not an easy job being the cornerstone, but it is the role Jesus plays.

All people must decide what they are going to do with the cornerstone of faith. Will we be counted in the people who celebrate Jesus, or will we be counted in the people who reject him. As the writer here in Peter says, those who believe will see Jesus as precious, those who do not will see Jesus as a stumbling block. Filled with all kinds of rules and regulations. For those who reject the cornerstone, all they will see in Jesus is someone who limits their freedoms, and someone who's name has been used to justify horrible things. These people will not see the true Jesus.

The true Jesus gives us freedom, but not as we are accustom to having freedom. Freedom in Christ comes from denying ourselves and the desires which rage with in. The greatest freedom is not defined by being able to do whatever we want to do, it is defined by not be captive to whatever we do. When we allow our desires to drive what we do, often the result is guilt and regret. If we allow Jesus to be our cornerstone, the completing force and primary identity, we will follow his ways. His ways lead to life, fullness and freedom.

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