Thursday, November 26, 2009

1 Peter 5 -- The Lion

One of my favorite places to go with my children is the zoo. The excitement the girls show, wait not show, they ooze, catches me every time. From the pacing tiger to the lazy alligator they love them all. The local zoos we go to do not have one of my favorite animals, the lion. There is just something about the lion which draws me in. It is a combination of fear and wonderment. This majestic animal who could tear me limb for limb also captures me. I love watching the shows which track the lion in the African Safari. Some poor unsuspecting wildebeest will be grazing and then wham the pride of lions is upon it. Before the attach there is a strange organization, followed by an intentional prowl, then the pounce.

Peter warns that Satan is the same way. This is where I break from liking the lion, love the lion, not at all a fan of Satan. The hunting technique is the same however. We go about our daily lives, doing what we always do. Often we are unaware of the danger which lurks around us. Satan is on the prowl like the lion. Measuring us up, planning and plotting for the opportunity to pounce. Like the wildebeest, we are oblivious to the fury that is about to be unleashed in our direction. Peter says be alert.

I do not thing we need to run around in fear of Satan, "Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world". Still we have to be aware that he is out there looking to have us for lunch. Fear is one of the greatest tools used by Satan to keep the Body of Christ at bay. Fear does not need to be our response. Awareness and connection with God are the ways we overcome.

May we know the lion is on the prowl. May we also know the Lion of Judah is a bigger, stronger and more powerful lion. May we be aware of the threat, but also the victory we have in Jesus Christ.

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