Monday, November 16, 2009

James 3 -- Watch Your Mouth

Humans are verbal people. No matter what the language or dialect, people communicate through verbal means. This is not the only way communication happens, yet it tends to be primary in our culture and many others. The words which come from our mouths have great potential. These words can build up or they can hurt. Words have the ability to enlighten, or they can cause greater ignorance. Whenever we have opportunity to speak, we have great ability to impact those who are hearing.

When you think about the words you say, are they carefully selected, or are they from the top of your head. If you are like me the answer depends on the situation. There are times when I carefully select the words, other times when I do not. No matter what the situation, it is important that we are mindful of our words. Those who are followers of Christ are to watch their mouths.

It use to be the grandmother rule could be invoked. I no longer use that rule. It seems no matter who you look at the potential for poor of foul language exists in all of us. The times when those impure words jump from my mouth, I feel a sense of loss. It shows my connection with God is not as strong as I would like it.

After spending a few moments scolding myself, I quickly move to seeking God. Only with a connection with God can I offer pure and holy words. Without God my words quickly become tools of hurt, pain and ugliness. The closer I grow with God in my journey the less I find these words coming out of my mouth. The frequency they come to my mind is sad, but even that is becoming less as I journey closer.

May we all watch out mouths today. May we speak words of purity and encouragement. May only praise of God come from our lips.

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