Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hebrews 13 -- Just In Case

Here the writer concludes the letter titled Hebrews. In this last section labeled chapter 13, we find a whirlwind of encouragements. It is almost as if the writer were running down a list of things they wanted to make sure and say. With so many different things thrown in it is hard to focus on any one. We must consider them as a whole, as a just in case I forgot to mention something here is a list.

Prayer plays a big role in this chapter. Praying for others, the imprisoned, those being mistreated, the writer themselves. There is a call to remain true to the teachings of Christ and not get drawn away. We find an exhortation to obey and submit to leadership. This hodge podge of encouragements comes together to offer words of how to continue in the covenant of Christ.

These words are not simply locked in a time long gone by. These are words which are important for us today. We must continue to live the eternal covenant which we are sealed to through Christ. It matters how we live out our faith. It matters whether we simply recognize Jesus as Savior, or if we journey to have our lives look like his. Keep on walking the journey.

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