Thursday, November 26, 2009

2 Peter 1 -- Keep Going

You know the day. It has been one of those long days where motion was constant. From the moment you stepped out of bed until the moment you find your bed again it has been go. There is something so satisfying about that moment. It seems as though we could stay in that moment forever. In our journey with God we have the same thing. We work hard to enter into a disciplined journey, curb the things which need it, and initiate the things which need it. The point comes when we are ready to sit back, relax and let our faith work for us.

Peter warns us not to do do this. We are in fact on a journey and we need to keep going. This does not mean we do not stop every once and a while to take in the view, or catch our breath. It means we continue to add to and build upon our faith. There is not a point when we are done. Being Thanksgiving, there is not a time when the little red timer pops us letting us know it is turkey time. The journey we are on is an effort. In the midst of the effort we find joy, peace and love, but it is an effort nonetheless.

The rest of our earthly pilgrimage is to be one where we continue to grow in faith, love and hope. Days when we are tired and just do not what to keep going. Take a few moments to catch your breath, rest a little, and then keep going. When on a journey that is the key to getting to the place of calling, keep going.

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