Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1 John 5 -- Tough Love

In the book of James we find the encouragement to not only be hearers of the word, but to do what it says. The writer of 1 John is giving the same encouragement with a twist. Here we find love entered into the equation. If we love God than we will do what God commands.

This is no small task. Sure it is easy to say we love God, and any good little church goer would confirm this is how we are suppose to feel about God. There is however a major problem, words are cheap. Actions, now there is the real payoff. If we love God we will do what he commands. So that would mean we love like God loves and the people God loves. That would mean we would be found in works of mercy, service and justice. It means that we the people of God, would be the embodiment of God's commands. All of a sudden love is not so easy.

At the core of this kind of love is to remember God is God and we are not. To love God fully we must deny what we think is our rights and submit, ouch, to the teachings of God and live according to those teachings. This is in no way shape or form easy, still it is what is required of us.

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