Tuesday, April 7, 2009

John 17 -- How Cool

Like many in the Bible this is one of my favorite scripture passages. Not because of the convicting teaching, not because Jesus is sticking it to the religious establishment. No this is one of my favorite because here we see the heart of Jesus just before he would die on our behalf and raise to new life that we too might gain new life. In this section we find Jesus in prayer, for himself, for the disciples, and for all those who would follow until the glorious return. Jesus prayed for me!

If you are a follower of Jesus, he prayed for you in that moment. You were on the mind of Christ mere hours away from the cross. It is fascinating the prayer he offers. It is a prayer of unity, not that we may dominate the world, not that we would become the societal force directing everything. No, Jesus prayed we would have unity that we might show the world that Jesus is real and true. That God had a plan in sending Jesus, and that plan was to see men and women come together with God at the center.

As we look toward the cross and ultimately the new life of resurrection, I find it beyond encouraging, almost exciting that Jesus would pray for me.

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