Monday, April 6, 2009

John 16 -- Trouble

Most of my life in the church I have been made to believe if I trust Christ my life will turn out not only easy but the way I want it to. I don't think I am alone, in fact I am pretty sure there are many people who would tell others this same religious line. The problem is, it simply is not true. Following Christ is not easy all the time. Part of the reason it is difficult can be found in the fact that Christ functions so radically different than the world around us.

If Christ, the one we are following, is radically different from the world around us, then we too should be different from the world around us. A funny thing about cultures and societies, they rarely welcome ideas or people who function differently. Followers of Jesus Christ should have some difficulty in this world, because our value system is so different. Jesus teaches us that in order for there to be joy, grief and sorrow must come first. In order for us to receive the Holy Spirit, we must first see our leader return to God.

This is essentially what Jesus is teaching in John 16. The world is going to be tough on followers of Christ, but we must remember that Christ has overcome the world. It is not going to be easy, not everything is going to work out as we plan. Not everyone is going to like us, in fact some may even try to harm us. But Christ has overcome. Isn't that what we look forward to at Easter?

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  1. I feel complete joy when I feel He truely is in me and working through me. It is only then do I remember what The victory in Christ is that we have.
    j chase