Sunday, April 5, 2009

John 14 -- Whose Your Daddy?

Throughout the teachings of Jesus we find this difficult piece about Jesus and God being one in the same. Here in John 14 this seems to be the highlighting thought in Jesus teaching. I find much encouragement in this, not directly the teaching, rather in the response of the disciples to this teaching. They have been with Jesus for the better part of three years. Heard all the teaching, watched most of the miracles live and in person, yet there is a lingering doubt about this God, Jesus connection.

This idea of God being fully present in Jesus, more than that, they are one. This is something we have no real experience of. Sure we all play multiple roles in life, but we are not the full presence of a being which created the world. If someone where to come around saying that they are fully human and fully God today, we would have them locked up either as crazy or as a threat to society, or both. Yet that is exactly the claim Jesus makes. So is he right, is he crazy, is he a threat to society?

Is he right? This is the essence of the faith question, either Jesus is who he says he is, or he is a liar. There is much room for gray area in our journey, this is not one of those places. Either Jesus is God, or he is an egomaniac. We must chose what we not only will believe, but what we will follow. For me I have placed my trust in Jesus being right, and I am doing my level best to follow.

Is he crazy? Yup, in the good kind of way. Not in the get this guy a counselor kind of way. Jesus was willing to challenge the everyday thinking with no regard for his well being. Even after several threats to his life, and encouragement from the disciples to scale back the effort, Jesus continues. I call this a good kind of crazy.

Is he a threat to society? Absolutely. If we really understand a follow Jesus we can see our society needs transformation. Jesus whole ministry was counter-cultural. He was inviting the world to function differently. Jesus was a threat to society as people have known it and as we currently know it. If we the followers of Jesus live out the life Jesus showed us, society as we know it will be transformed.

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