Monday, April 13, 2009

John 21 -- What's iIt To You

As you have noted already if you are a regular reader, most of these chapters have too much in them to fit into one blog entry. John 21 is not exception. There are several different points that catch my attention, but the most intriguing for me is after Jesus reinstates Peter, they have a conversation about John, the disciple Jesus loves.

The title the disciple Jesus loves is an interesting enough topic, but for another day. Today my focus is on the interchange between Jesus and Peter regarding John's death. Jesus basically says what's it to you? Almost to say, "Peter your a bright guy and through you I will do many great things, but there is a limit." You see Jesus just told Peter how Peter was going to die, and Peter wanted to know if he would have company.

This is that whole sovereignty of God thing. Basically, God is God and we are not. Therefore God is under no obligation to do things the way we want them done, or let us know things we want to know. Another way to say it, God is the person with the plan not humanity. Peter is told to stop worrying about what will happen to others, and focus on the mission at hand.

I wonder how often we are worried about what someone else is going to get or not get and miss what God is telling us to do?

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