Sunday, April 12, 2009

John 20 -- The Big Moment

I have waited until today to enter on the John 20 passage. As I sit at my computer the Sunrise service is still over an hour away, and the sleep is still a little crusty in my eyes. It is all worth it as it is Easter morning. The tomb could not hold him.

I am always amazed by the different responses. Mary Magdalene, holds on to Jesus. The others lock themselves in a room filled with fear. Thomas was getting a sandwich when Jesus came into the room, so he missed it. He would not believe until he saw it for himself. how about you? How do you react to the best news ever, Christ has risen!!

If Christ had still been in the tomb, basically he would have been a liar. Additionally he would have been just another dead prophet. Yet he was not there. What does that mean? It means Jesus is the Messiah. Now many theories has circulated throughout the centuries as to what happen to Jesus body. None of them add up. The only one which holds water, takes faith, and belief in the teachings before his death. He has Risen!

Like the disciples we have been given the peace of God, he has breathed on us the Holy Spirit, and he has sent us just as he was sent. Resurrection means we have new life, not for our own but for the sake of transforming the world to realized the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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