Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 John -- Warning

It is always fun to be able to say we have read an entire book in about 2 minutes. Though it is small and quick to read there is great power in the few words that are shared. The writer is sending this letter to a church, and the people of that church from another church. The main tone of the letter is encouragement, to hold fast to what has begun.

Though written thousands of years ago, the words ring true today. There are many who would sound very convincing about the things of God. Many who would want to lead us astray from the commands and works of God. The challenge is we are hungry. Not always for food but for meaning and significance. These false teachers offer much in the way of significance, yet they rarely deliver it. We must hold fast to what Christ has taught. We must not rest in the words of men and women, we must rest only in the words of God. If anyone would claim to speak for God, we should test that with what God has already said and done.

So today I say to you the reader, stay strong. Be vigilant, there are many voices calling for our attention. Remain deeply rooted in what God has begun to do in you life. Finally, I cannot wait to see what God is doing in this day and age for those who remain in God.

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