Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 Corinthians 13 --Wrapping it Up

Here we have the end of the record from Paul to the church in Corinth. As per usual there is the greetings to others and a few last encouragements. In those encouragements Paul says to examine ourselves. To test our lives in order to see if we are living and seeking the truth. I am amazed how easy it is to go through life and never stop to take a look at what it going on. Our propensity to live and unexamined life is staggering.

As Paul reminds us to test our faith, he also makes the assumption that we will pass the test. Yet there is still a need to take the test so we can measure our faith. When we live without testing our lives we run the risk of working against God, even when we are convinced we are working in the side of God. Testing ourselves also makes it easier to see the places where correction is needed, and possibly reduce the pain associated with the process of changing.

All of our journey is pointed at one thing, experiencing the fullness of the Kingdom of God. The way we experience that is through humble submission and examination of our journey. Then we must allow God to shine through our weakness and our strength. Ultimately, God must shine through everything we do more than we do. The examination of our lives is to ensure this is in the correct order.

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