Monday, July 6, 2009

Acts 28 -- Thats It?

The epic journey of Acts comes to a close. Paul is in Rome, doing what he does. The rest of the church is apparently alright as there is not a word on what is happening. With Paul teaching the book ends, and I say what the heck! The story is not over, but the book is done. What happens to Paul? Does he get an audience with Caesar? Is he killed by upset Jews? What happens?

The book of Acts ends with more questions than answers. There is so much begun in the book of Acts, and we are not told what happens in any of those situations. What was God thinking when Luke stopped writing there? Like Terry Tykle in his Book/Study "Acts 29", I cannot help but wonder if it is up to us to finish writing the story.

Not that we get to decide what happens to Paul, rather what happens to the people called Christians. Finding out what happens to Paul is what humans want to know, that is not the concern of God. I cannot help but wonder if God is more concerned with us writing our part of the story. How is it that we are totally trusting God and furthering the mission of God in this world? The book of Acts ends abruptly so we can be the ongoing players in the drama God is unfolding through the ages until the Kingdom of God is fulfilled, and Jesus reigns over all creation.

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