Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 Corinthians 4 -- Unseen

Due to the fact we are creatures of the Enlightenment we tend to be people who need to see something to believe it. More than that we tend to be people who focus on that which we can see and observe. Things in live which we cannot see, we often are able to ignore with amazing regularity. Once we see something we find it more difficult to ignore.

In light of that fact we read Paul's words to the church in Corinth about focusing on the unseen more than the seen. When we are sounding super spiritual we say this is easy and what we are made for. When we are feeling more like ourselves this is a very difficult task. Life presents us with various challenges, and usually we focus more on the presented challenge than the unseen God who is waiting for the invitation to be involved. Our inability to focus on the unseen can leave us paralyzed when looking at that which we can see.

As people who are working to follow Christ, our challenge is to focus on the God who calls us more than the challenge or issue right in front of us demanding all our attention. This is no small task. The single most helpful thing to do is to not wait until the challenge is in full swing. Connect with God daily, so you are not having to place an emergency call, that it is merely an extension of the ongoing conversation with God.

What are you focusing on?

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