Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2 Corinthians 2 -- What's That Smell

Paul tells the church in Corinth and us that we are the fragrance of Christ that others smell. to those being saved we smell fresh and life giving, to those who are perishing we smell like death. I am drawn to the fact that is is the fragrance of Christ not us which people experience. This is Paul's way of reminding us that it is Christ this is all about not us. When we make it about us, the fragrance suffers.

From time to time we see the work of Christ causing others to have struggles. So we help Christ out by trying to spruce up his image. We take the fragrance of Christ and try to add a little air freshener. When we do this the result is not fresher air, rather it is air which is fake and hard to be around, like a bad industrial odor eliminator. The fragrance of Christ is sweet and natural, not something which can be replicated by humanity. Some however, when they experience the fragrance are put off because they realize the state of their own life.

What do you smell like? Are you a Christ follower with the industrial odor eliminator sent, or do you allow the fragrance of Christ to shine through? Not everyone is going to like the fragrance of Christ, that is not our problem. Eventually people will see through the fog when the only fragrance we are putting forth is our own. Does the aroma of Christ surround you and your life? If not what needs to change?

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