Thursday, July 2, 2009

Acts 26 -- Hard to Argue

In a mere two chapters the journey of Acts will come to a close. Before it does Paul continues his defense. Now with a wider audience including King Aggripa. Paul simply shares his story, and that is hard to debate. People can believe it or not, see Festus, but it does not change the fact that it is Paul's story. Paul is not the only person with a story. You and I have a story to tell about how we met God. People can agree or disagree with the story, but in the end their action cannot render your story false.

So the question is, are you telling the story God has written with your life? Or are you simply holding back, afraid of what people will think? Your story is your story, it is hard to argue with. Like the blind man who Jesus heals in John 9, the religious leaders are debating his healing story. His response is great, all I know is I can see now when I could not before. His is a life changed because of Jesus.

How about you? Have you met Jesus? Is your life different because of it, or is pretty much the same? We might not all have the dramatic story of Paul or the blind man, but we all have a story, and out lives should be different because we follow the One called Christ.

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