Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 Timothy 3 -- Beware

In chapter 3 Paul warns of people who have the form, or appearance of godliness, but do not have the life to back it up. These people worm their way into the homes of weak women and take advantage of them. The first thing I though about was the televangelists of our day. To watch them they talk a great game, and I think God uses their ill-gotten ministry for kingdom purposes. Still when the curtain is pulled back truth about them is revealed.

Before we launch into attacking such people, we must realize that could be any of us. I am not sure we are going to have a TV ministry empire, but we could have the appearance of godliness with out the life to back it up. It is no wonder after that sobering thought Paul turns attention to the Scriptures. In many circles the scriptures have fallen from favor, diminished in their value and believed to point to truth but not contain it. This is very dangerous, and Paul words are vital to the landscape today.

When we are in relationship to the Scriptures, and allow our lives to be shaped by them, conviction is high. Allowing ourselves to be convicted will increase the chances of living a life that matched the godly appearance. In fact we will not have to worry about the appearance, the more we allow God to shape our lives through the scriptures. God will take care of our appearance.

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