Thursday, September 10, 2009

Matthew 8 -- The Cost

Jesus was an itinerant minister. He went from place to place preaching, teaching and healing. Sure we can point to Nazareth as a hometown, or the Galilee as a home region, but the reality is Jesus was on the move. Some one comes to Jesus as says, I will follow you wherever you go, Jesus gives what might seem like a strange answer. What Jesus is doing is clarifying the cost of following.

In America we get so confused about what is our right, and what is a privilege. There are certain things which we declare as a right of humanity. This gets blended in with our journey with God. Jesus lets us know there is a cost, and some of those things we see as writes are not. Jesus lets those that would be followers know that certainty is not often found in following Jesus. Life will be unpredictable. Life as a follower of Christ will not be like everyone else. Everything must be given over for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

This is not an easy thing. We, myself included, like stuff and we like the idea of having roots and some pattern to life. Jesus says, nope, there will be not rote pattern. Commonly I will here people say, but I like a pattern, other people like a predictable process to living life. Jesus makes it clear, life is not about what you and I like, it is about following Jesus. Personal preference is high on the list of rights many carry, Jesus says to follow me, you must lay it down. That is the cost of following, we do what the Master says.

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