Saturday, September 26, 2009

Matthew 20 -- Jockey For Position

This chapter of Matthew highlights the gap which exists between the way humanity functions and the way the Kingdom of God functions. Reading from our western context we read about the plight of the workers in the first parable and side with the workers. Its not right if someone works all day that they would be paid the same as the person that has only worked an hour. You can bet the union rep would be called in and there would be some restitution to be paid. The owner reminds the disgruntle workers of their agreement and the fact that he is honoring. Human speaking while we can remember the agreement we do not like it and cry unfair.

The generosity of the owner, God, is not dependent on our approval. No matter how much we would like to help God determine how the grace gets doled out, it is not our responsibility. A competition for grace does not exist, and in the Western world everything, yes everything, is a competition. The generosity of God is overwhelming when it is shown to us, are we as willing to be overwhelmed when it is shown to someone else?

In the kingdom, there is no such thing as us and them. There are people who have been called to provide oversight in the kingdom, but this is not meant to be a division. We are all working for the same glory and the same reward. Still the drive and desire to differentiate ourselves is high. Our need to be important and honored above others clouds our thinking and acting. The grace of God offered to all through Jesus Christ is not ours to dispense. From what I can see everyone has equal access and need for the grace. So why worry about what someone else is getting, focus of doing what God has put in front of you to do.

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