Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Matthew 7 -- It Matters

As long as I have Jesus, or at least know about Jesus, I will be fine. I can live however I want to, and do what ever I want to as long as I remember who Jesus is. This is a thought which is prevalent throughout the church in America. From where I sit there is a disconnect between the way we live our lives and a relationship with Jesus. Here in Matthew 7 Jesus is doing two things. First he is challenging the rules and actions of the religious teachers of the day. Second he is showing that it is more than just knowing about Jesus.

This chapter of Matthew is the continuation of the Sermon on The Mount. Some have said this is Jesus' theological teachings. This is true, but not the point. The point is to show, his followers what it means to live a God honoring life. How a person who claims to follow Jesus should organize and live their life. The religious leaders of the day said here are the rules follow them, Jesus is highlighting that the rules alone will not make a life that matters.

It matters how we live the live we are given. In fact while the death of Jesus is essential for our relationship with God, it is his life and resurrection which is most important. We are to pattern our lives after his. The way we conduct our moment to moment lives matters. Living for ourselves and then seeking forgiveness will only leave us empty, and cheapen the grace of God. It matters how we live and we would be well advised to pay attention.

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