Monday, September 14, 2009

Matthew 12 -- Denying the Turth

It should come as no surprise that people do not accept Jesus, or even more deny Jesus to be real and truth. The people who could watch and interact with Jesus denied the truth. They were eye witnesses to the teachings, the works and life of Jesus. Still the refused to recognize who Jesus is. Further, the religious people of the day are the people who were suppose to understand who Jesus is first, yet they were looking for someone who would behave the way they wanted that person to. Jesus did not follow their expectations and therefore the truth was denied.

It is easy to put ourselves in Matthew 12 and be on the wrong side of truth. More quickly than we imagine we could be the religious leaders telling Jesus what is and is not acceptable to God. In fact more often than I like to confront, I try to tell God how life is going to work out. Amazingly God does not fight me, rather allows me to go down the road which puts distance between me and God. Usually there comes a point when I realize my stupidity and return, a little more beat up, a little more weary, but very ready to follow.

May we be a generation which follows rather than tell God what to do. May we be a people where Jesus is the authority.

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