Monday, September 28, 2009

Matthew 21 -- Persnickety Jesus

Of all the characteristics of Jesus there are a few that commonly come to mind first. There are other characteristics which do not tend to come at all. When I read Matthew 21 the word persnickety. We find Jesus a little more feisty than usual. First clearing the temple, then he curses of fig tree. When Jesus takes on the religious leaders he gets into it pretty hard with asking questions of them. By the end of the chapter Jesus is out and out in confrontation with the religious people of his day.

Jesus as meek and mild is a common view, or this Jesus who is gentle and clam. It is important to know Jesus gets fired up and breaks out of the mold of the passive Jesus. It makes me wonder is Jesus were to watch you for the day, or visit church with you how would he respond? Would he be meek and mild, or would he be persnickety? Would Jesus have some rough words for you? No one really like confrontation, much less when it is being confronted by the God of the universe. Still there are times when confrontation is exactly how God reaches us to grow.

What areas of your life need confronting? Is there an addition which takes you away from God? Is your attitude about life and other people so poor God needs to confront? Are you being more religious and having less of a relationship? All of us have things in our lives which require confrontation to deal with, allow Jesus to confront you so you can grow.

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