Monday, September 21, 2009

Matthew 16 -- Show Me

Jesus went around the middle east doing great works, and teaching about the Kingdom of God. Along the way there were some who needed more proof. The religious leaders came to Jesus one day and asked him to show them a sign from heaven. In essences asked Jesus to be a circus act and perform on demand. Jesus has nothing to do with it and uses the opportunity to criticize them.

I am not sure Jesus criticizes us, but we often function like the religious leaders. We ask God to show us something. Phrases that start out, Jesus if you are real, then you should do.... Interesting that we ask the question, Jesus if you are real. If he is not real who are we talking to then? Anyway, we are looking for a sign, something we can hang onto. We ask Jesus to perform for us so that we might know that he is real.

The response to the religious leaders is the same response given for us. We can look around and interpret things in the natural world, but we cannot seem to grasp what God has revealed right in front of us. This time of year in the northeast United States we look out and see the leaves are changing colors, we know winter will soon be upon us. Yet, we fail to see the breath we take and the life we have as the work of God. The abundance of God is all around us, just not always as we want to see it. So we are left cry out to God, show me. I think God is grace filled enough that we will be shown. Still I cannot help but wonder how long God will tolerate our inability to see what is already right in front of us.

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