Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Matthew 2 -- The Early Years

We have come to expect the birth of Jesus to be accompanied with much fanfare. When his actual birth took place there was fanfare but not by all the people. Not everyone was excited about the idea of the Messiah being born. A group that were excited were "outsiders" the Magi were most likely astrologers who had heard the teachings about the coming Messiah. God had revealed to them just who was being born. The come with gifts and worship to offer to the new born king as the song says. In other Gospel accounts we get the story of the shepherds and the angels. We get a more developed story of John the Baptist and other surround events. Not in Matthew, some understood and some did not, and those who understood who had been born were outsiders.

Early in life Jesus was on the move. From Bethlehem to Egypt and back to Judea. Finally stopping in The Galilee, more specifically in the town of Nazareth. There are not many details from the early years of Jesus. We know there were people celebrating him, and there were those trying to kill him. It seems this is the lot of God who enters into our world. I suppose things have not changed all that much since then. Some are willing to give everything and follow anywhere, while others will do anything to kill or ruin. I am glad I know how the story ends and where I need to align myself.

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