Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Acts 10 -- Expand Your Mind

Part of the human condition is our tendency to list and order everything. Further we work to create standardized rituals and patterns. In the process of creating these standards we can become inflexible to what God is doing. Not because we have lost our connection with God, rather because we have lost sight of the fullness of God. With the amazing ability to codify, we run the risk of thinking we have God all figured out. It is easy to see how this would be problematic.

In Acts 10 Peter gets a lesson in how big God's view is. While waiting to eat Peter receives a vision where God basically teaches Peter to expand his mind. This is not about accepting foreign gods, not is it about saying anything goes. Rather the vision explains God has a far greater plan than just one religio-ethnic group being redeemed. Peter was a devout Jew, and I am sure followed many if not all of the laws. Big on the list was not associating with those who are outsiders. God expands Peter's mind to include all.

Who is it God is calling you to? Where do you need to expand your mind as to include more of God's creation? The words God gave Peter are words for us too, "Do not call anything impure that God has made clean". This is not about food rather it is about people.

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