Monday, June 8, 2009

Acts 8 -- The Spirit Says Go

In this chapter of Acts we get meet Philip. One of the seven selected in chapter 6 we find him out spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end of chapter 8 Philip has encountered the an Ethiopian who is reading from the book Isaiah. Moments before he was in Samaria, and now he is on the road to Gaza. I wonder what would cause a person to go from Samaria to Gaza, not a short trip by foot and filled with all kinds of cultural issues? The Spirit said Go.

The Spirit of the Lord instructed Philip to go from where he was to the place he was needed. We do not have record of Philip's response other than he went. There was not list of reasons why he could not. There was not discussion about whether there was really time in his schedule. Philip did not produce a list of competing priorities, he simply when because the Spirit said go. How often do we hear the Spirit say go and we say as soon as I... There is not much room to dance around this, plain and simple this will not get it done.

The result of Philip's obedience to the Spirit, the Ethiopian eunuch becomes a Christ Follower. More than likely others in Ethiopia became Christ Followers through the work of the Ethiopian. All put into motion because Philip heard the Spirit and went. The time has come to cut the excuses and start doing what God is calling the people of God to be about.

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