Saturday, June 13, 2009

Acts 12 -- Tight Spot

One of the movies I enjoy is "O Brother Where Art Thou", several times George Clooney's character lets the boys know they are in a real tight spot. These are the times when their capture, and subsequent demise, seems right upon them. The outlook is rather bleak and their chances of escape are very slim. Peter finds himself in one of these tight spots. Guarded by up to 20 guards, and chained between two of them in his cell. I think that qualifies as a tight spot.

Peter knows what is about to happen to him, yet there is an amazing peace. In the midst of all this Peter is sleeping. The next day he will most likely be sentenced and executed, yet he is sleeping. Possibly Peter knew there was no sense in fighting it, he was in a tight spot and most likely would not get out. One big difference, the believers had been together praying for him. The Lord sends the angel and Peter is freed from his tight spot.

We all face times when we are in tight spots. Some of the tight spots are of our own creation and others are put upon us. Nonetheless, tight spots are a part of human existence. When the angel appeared to Peter he had a choice to make, do I believe and follow or do I just sit there looking for away out on my own? We have the same choice when we are in the tight spots. We can try to use our own strength and knowledge, or we can follow God. Just because we choose to follow God does not mean there will be zero effort on our part. It means our effort will be maximized by the creator of the universe.

What do you do when you are in a tight spot?

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