Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Acts 9 -- How Quickly

Here in Acts 9 we find the stirring conversion of Saul. One of the leading persecutors of the followers of Jesus, Saul was on his way to continue the work in Damascus. He encounters Jesus and his life is forever changed. Soon Saul is no longer persecuting the church, rather he is building it up. In a matter of days Saul goes from threatening and imprisoning the followers of the "Way", to being the one who is having his very life threatened. Oh how quickly things change when the Lord is the one directing traffic.

The change is so quick even the disciples in Jerusalem are not sure what to thing about Paul. Yet Barnabas steps in to speak on behalf of Saul. Just as quick the change in Saul, the disciples in Jerusalem trust Saul and turn him lose to teach and preach. Quickly the Jews in Jerusalem are out to kill Saul for his teaching on the Way. The hunter became the hunted.

We must be careful then who we write off as not changeable. Many I am sure thought Saul was out of the reach of God. Quickly the work of the Lord forever changed the life of Saul, but did not stop there. The entire life of the church was changed because of the Saul's conversion. What others had determined nonredeemable, God had chosen for a specialized task. Who is it in our lives we are overlooking or disqualifying? We must remember how quickly God can flip the tables.

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