Monday, June 1, 2009

Acts 3 -- Would We?

The in breaking of the Holy Spirit has moved the church to a new level. There are more people than ever following the ways of Jesus, and Peter and John are pretty well known. In the beginning of the chapter they heal a man, and the religious people are up in arms. Nothing new when it comes to the power and work of Jesus.

Peter and John are put to the test because of the work of Christ through them. Their defense is a long litany about how the religious people through out the centuries have not recognized the sent agent of God. They go as far to flat out say the religious leaders are guilty of killing Jesus. In very harsh words, Peter and John are telling the people who are suppose to get it, they totally missed what God was doing.

It is easy for us to pile on at this point. To add insults to the words of Pete and Johnny. Finding fault with the religious of the day comes form our mouth and out of our minds quickly and easily. I cannot help but wonder where I would have been. Would I have been like Peter and John? Would I have been like the religious leaders? I know where I would like to think I would be, but I am not sure. Any one who knows me, knows I am quick to get after religiosity. In doing so I must remember, it could easily be me.

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